About Prove it Media

This is my site where I publish the stuff I’m writing. This is not my portfolio or my resume. The point of this is to spark conversation with my friends, and record a timeline of my thinking.

I mean, I wish I could find my old myspace blog. It was pretty awful, and probably hilarious and sad.

Why is it called Prove It Media?

The best way to answer is to outline some of the topics that interest me:

  • History of Science
    • Astronomy
    • Cosmology
    • Climate Science
    • Epistemology / Philosophy of Science
  • Religion
    • History of Christianity
    • World Religion
    • Philosophy of Religion
  • Politics

I am not an expert about any of this, and am probably wrong most of the time. But finding out I’m wrong is one of my favorite past times, up there with pretending Dodger Dogs are good hot dogs and getting annoyed in traffic. One of the best ways of finding out I’m wrong is to put what I think is probably right out there and let smarter people correct it.

So this is basically that. Hope you enjoy.


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